October 4, 2022

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FIFA russian vs ukraine war UEFA

UEFA and FIFA Russian teams have suspended from international football

Due to the country’s aggression in Ukraine, FIFA and UEFA have suspended all competitions until further notice to the Russian national and club teams.

According to a joint statement, the organizations said that football is in full solidarity with all the victims in Ukraine. It added that both presidents hoped that the situation in Ukraine would improve significantly and rapidly so that football could once again be a vector for unity and peace.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Premier League team Shakhtar Donetsk has said that their Brazilian players have left the country safely after Russia’s attack.

Shakhtar, who is located in the east of the country and has more than a dozen Brazilians in his squad, said the players and their families had come to Romania.

Shakhtar added that foreign players from fellow club Dynamo Kiev have also left the country. Three Brazilians playing for SK Dnipro-1 crossed the border into Romania on Saturday.

“The players have been removed with the personal help of UEFA President Alexander Seferin, President of the Ukrainian Football Association Andrei Pavelko and President of the Moldovan Football Federation Leonid Olenichenko,” Shakhtar said in a statement.